To clone one of these trees, install git, and run either:

git clone git:// + project's name.
git clone + project's name.
For convenience, the clone URL is available as the "git" link below, or on the status page of any repository.

For more information about git, see an overview, the tutorial or the man pages.

List all projects
Project Description Owner Last Change
bomberman.git Ben's Bomberman clone for... Benjamin Zores 8 years ago
buildbot.git GeeXboX and OpenBricks autobui... Benjamin Zores 7 months ago
daisyduck.git A Daisy player for DTB Mathieu Schroeter 11 months ago
enna-ng.git Enna NG Media Center main... Dave Andreoli 5 years ago
enna-site.git Enna Website repository Nicolas Aguirre 3 years ago
enna.git Enna Media Center main repository Nicolas Aguirre 3 years ago
geexboard.git GeeXboX Hardware Board Mathieu Schroeter 4 years ago
geexbox-1.2.git GeeXboX 1.2 fixes branch Benjamin Zores 5 years ago
geexbox-stats.git Statistics Project for GeeXboX Fabien Brisset 5 years ago
geexbox-theme.git Repository for GeeXboX officia... Mathieu Schroeter 5 years ago
geexbox-v2.git GeeXboX v2 repository, to... Benjamin Zores 7 years ago
geexbox.git GeeXboX main repository Benjamin Zores 13 months ago
generator-fltk.git GeeXboX generator (fltk implem... Mathieu Schroeter 4 years ago
generator-win32.git GeeXboX generator (win32 imple... Benjamin Zores 9 years ago
installer-win32.git NSIS based GeeXboX installer Davide Cavalca 3 years ago
libdlna.git Reference implementation of... Benjamin Zores 2 years ago
libduck.git A Daisy 2.02 parser API Mathieu Schroeter 16 months ago
libmediaprofile.git libmediaprofile main repository 2 years ago
libnfo.git A .NFO file reader/writer Benjamin Zores 2 years ago
libplayer.git Multimedia A/V framework Benjamin Zores 2 years ago
libsvdrp.git an interface to VDR via SVDRP... Davide Cavalca 4 years ago
libvalhalla.git A tiny media scanner library Mathieu Schroeter 14 months ago
mplayer-ui.git Mplayer repository containing... Aurelien Jacobs 9 years ago
ndiswrapper.git C implementation of ndiswrapper Andrew Calkin 3 years ago
nfo-editor.git NFO Editor Fabien Brisset 4 years ago
omc-evas.git EVAS-based UI for GeeXboX 2.x Benjamin Zores 7 years ago
omc-sdl.git user interface for GeeXboX... Benjamin Zores 7 years ago
omc.git new user interface development... Benjamin Zores 8 years ago
openbricks-media.git OpenBricks Media files Mathieu Schroeter 4 years ago
openbricks-next.git OpenBricks NextGeneration... Benjamin Zores 3 years ago
openbricks.git OpenBricks Main Development... Benjamin Zores 8 months ago
openbricks2.git 4 months ago
site.git GeeXboX web site Benjamin Zores 4 years ago
toolchain-mingw32.git Cross-Builder for Win32 binaries Mathieu Schroeter 4 years ago
ushare-experimental.git uShare experimental branch Sven Almgren 6 years ago
ushare-ng.git GeeXboX uShare Next Generation... Benjamin Zores 5 years ago
ushare.git GeeXboX uShare UPnP A/V Media... Benjamin Zores 2 years ago
vfs_test.git Enna VFS Test Repository Nicolas Aguirre 4 years ago
xbmc-addon-geexbox-network.git XBMC Add-On for GeeXboX Networ... Thomas Genty 2 years ago
xbmc-addon-geexbox-updater.git XBMC Add-On for GeeXboX Packag... Thomas Genty 3 years ago